Spiritual Filling

A couple weeks ago I got to thinking about the concept of being “emptied” by God in order to allow Him to fill us up again. It’s tough when we’re in the middle of what feels like so much personal loss or hardship to shift our perspective in order to see how God is using our hurt and frustration for His glory. In the process of… processing… hehe… this concept, my brain went into metaphor mode. Sometimes my brain’s metaphor mode gets a little farfetched… so bear with me.

So we know that God wants to fill us with what’s good, healthy, and will make us stronger – and, most importantly, what He can use for His glory (the ultimate goal). BUT, we have to let Him scrape out all the “decay” first.

  • all the years of misuse and abuse
  • all the things we should have take care of, but didn’t
  • all the bad thoughts, toxic habits, voices in our heads from people who thought (and said) we weren’t worthy or worthwhile, and our own voices convinced enough to keep believing it

(and for those of you who think my brain was thinking of God as a big spiritual Dentist, you are correct.) : ) 

He has to drill first.

And I’m not sure He’s in the habit of using Novocaine… (read: I don’t think this is gonna feel very good.)

Also: the patient doesn’t choose what is used to fill. The doctor does. You may think you know what you need to go in the empty spaces to fortify and strengthen.

But you don’t know better than God.

Only He knows the best way to replace what He’s removed. And the result MUST glorify Him.

Him. Not me. For my good… but, more (most) importantly, for His glory.

*AND* I have to let Him. He’s gonna need complete submission… I MUST allow Him to work.

If I truly want him to take away the bad, stinky, toxic, destructive things and fill the space with good, fortifying, strengthening things, I have to submit to HIs will and let Him work.

Because as much as God knows me and knows, better than anyone, what’s best for me, and is the only One who can fill me with exactly what I need, He has also given me free will to accept or reject Him.

He can force His hand – but that doesn’t mean He will.

He wants us to understand His love for us, and the fact that His love means hard things sometimes, that His love means discipline, it means refining fire, it sometimes means discomfort and pain and grief and loss and suffering. But it also means that when we allow Him to remove what’s not good or beneficial, He will be able to replace all that nonsense with His goodness, His love and provision and grace and mercy.

He wants good things for us.

We have to let him remove the bad things first.

For our good…

For His glory.


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